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WordPress Speed Optimization

We’ve created a solid and unique system to significantly speed up WordPress. We tune your WordPress site to perfection which gives you and your visitors the best possible user experience.

A Fast WordPress Site

Starting at a one-time fee of $295

Price$295$395Contact us
Detailed Performance Audit
Minify Javascript
Minify CSS
Minify HTML
CloudFlare CDN Setup
Load Order Optimization
Enable Compression
Leverage Browser Caching
Active Plugin Review
Defer parsing of Javascript
Add Keep Alive headers
Add Expires headers
Reduce DNS lookups
Remove Query strings from static resources
Eliminate render-blocking CSS and JS above the fold
Combine CSS and JS Files
For complex environments & Woocommerce
12 months of speed monitoring & support


My site was a bit bulky because I’ve never spent any time on speed optimization. I was losing visitors and my bounce rate skyrocketed. It was time for some speed optimization. WPcobra decreased the load time from 8 seconds to just under 1 second. Amazing!
Marc Bender – WPdean.com

The load speed of my site went from 5 seconds to 1 second. Mitch from WPcobra did an amazing job!
Lisa Stralibia – Beautydea.it

A Pingdom grade of 97 and a load speed of 712ms. Do I need to tell more?
Marc Eitsel – Showboxa.com

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